The cellar

Nestled in the lush green vineyards, though the beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene lies Guia, a small charming village where the Marsura Natale farm has its home.

The history

The company's history dates back to the 40s when both Bernardo Marsura and Fortunato Adami are producing wine for their family and friends in their respective wineries.

In the '60s Natale Marsura with his wife Maria Adami become the passion of parents in a small wine business.
Years went by and also the son Bernardino is infected by the passion of parents, thus he starts working in the company focusing that field, arriving in 1992 to obtain one of the few companies that manages the entire process, from the vineyards to the bottling.

At present

Many investments have been made for purchasing land through the years and all in valdobbiadenese area, in facts  the most expensive, rugged, and therefore more difficult area to work on, but the one that generate high quality grapes which allow to obtain a fine quality product.

Today, 90% of production comes from estate vineyards, all nestled among the steep hills of Valdobbiadene: Val De Vina, Costa Lunga, Casotte, Feei, Zoppe di Fontana, Barch, Nondre, Brolo Oltraval, Follo, Culture, Riva Grande.

We purchase the remainder from relatives and friends who own small plots of land adjacent to ours.

We are proud to own almost 5000 square meters of land in the Cartizze hill (Cal dei Muss area), a great valuable area thanks to the nature of the ground, wonderful sun exposure and continuous ventilation.

During the last years we bought new wineyard land, all of them DOCG and all placed where excellent quality wine is produced: San Gal (Soligo), Collagù (Soligo), Riva Bassa (Col San Martino), and Solighetto. Recently have been added other two wineyard land Garbara at Guia and Le Fontanelle at Farra di Soligo.

Regarding the cellar, the company has consistently purchased machinery and advanced equipment in years, to continue the tradition of quality research.

Our company, family managed, always host customers that have become friends trough the years and also welcomes visitors for a tasting tour of its wines in its cellar.

The "Wine Room" is only 200 meters far from the cellar. You can find a wines exposition and our sales office right there.



Since my childhood I followed my father in his work.

At the age of fourteen I started working in the vineyards with him learning how to prune and take care of the vines.

I learned the secrets of this job by him. Always lived in Guia, with my wife Annarita, who works with me in the company, we have created a beautiful family, we and our two sons, Davide and Francesco.

I believe in my work, I take personally care of all stages in the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore production, I like to talk about my wines and I always try to improve their quality.



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