The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the winery is cooled at low temperature and then transferred to the press. The pressing process is called "soft pressing" because the pressures are quite low, from 1.6 to 1.8 bar, and takes about 2 hours. Each kg of grapes makes about 0.70 litres of wine.

The juice is conveyed in the tanks and is further cooled to inhibit any spontaneous fermentation process.
In the first tank fermentation is controlled to 18/19°, that is when grape sugars turn into alcohol, constantly monitoring the temperature range. The result is the base wine, which is decanted, centrifuged, always at a controlled temperature and stored until further use.

This process occurs in autumn after the harvest.

The sparkling phase, that is the second fermentation, takes place in autoclaves at temperatures of 15/17° and is triggered by the addition of yeast selected by us that will metabolize the last residual sugars, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide levels, this last will increase the pressure in the autoclave.
The exalted pressures up to 6 / 7 bar causes the phenomenon of secondary fermentation, that is the integration of carbon dioxide with the wines.

After 30/40 days, after a final filtration, the sparkling wine is bottled with a filler that keeps a constant pressure.

After a rest periodthe bottles are ready to sell. Sparkling process can occur in all seasons.

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